German region struggles to fill jobs amid labour shortage – Kinshasa Video

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As the jobless rate in Germany’s southwestern state of Baden-Wüttemberg falls below 4 percent, the dearth of qualified workers means businesses are struggling to fill vacant positions. To attract new recruits, the region has begun holding job fairs where companies offer training as an incentive for young locals, as well as refugees. An increasing number of businesses are now betting on the recent influx of refugees from countries like Syria to find workers.
A programme prepared by Patrick Lovett and Elise Duffau.

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  1. Germany needs more immagrats…

  2. If they are going to hire Muslims they better keep them away from the truck factories

  3. Germany and real Germans should just concentrate on having babies and training their highly intelligent native indigenous German population …and rid their land of the muslim hordes forced upon them by the globalists and their Merkel puppet…

  4. I'm going to Germany for from India.

  5. let more migrants in….that'll sort out their recruitment problem

  6. i wonder if large companies get tax breaks to take on migrants instead of local people???….just a thought

  7. Move to America or hire Americans.

  8. That's one of many nonsense of today. It's a ridiculous and delusive issue.

  9. German companies not finding workers,while 20-30% Greeks don't have jobs.This is crying shame for Europe and failure of single currency.


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