DR Congo’s new president taken ill during inauguration – Kinshasa Video

Opposition leader Felix Tshisekedi was sworn in today as democratic republic of Congo’s president, succeeding Joseph Kabila in the vast central African country’s first transfer of power through an election in 59 years of independence

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  1. Ralia a Uhuru thanks for being foreign presidents to attend

  2. Kenia is far better and richer than basketcase DRC.

  3. Did you say the bullet proof was too tight for him that made him to collapse?..

  4. As long as kick out Chinese from Africa, you will have some progress for sure, they corrupted Venezuela now country is in trouble, they are the ones who educated Kabila in China and corrupted him, stay away from "Yellow Invadors" and their plans for new era Economico Enslavement plan for Africa.

  5. Tshisikedi has simply taken the torch in a transition of regime control. This is not democratic, and a false government.

  6. Uwe raisi mwenye imani kwa wakongo wote Inshallah

  7. All i want is peace in africa, mr. Tshisekedi should accomodate the opposition for the love of peace we're tired of wars and killings of innocent people in africa.


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